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Never has there been a line of shoes so thoughtfully engineered with diabetics in mind


Anodyne believes feet are the root of what keeps us stable, upright, and moving – which is why they’ve designed diabetic footwear to help you attain an active, healthy, and productive lifestyle.


Anodyne’s core range boasts key design features such as soft leathers, extra width and depth for comfort, as well as adjustability – marking its spot as a premier designer of diabetic footwear.


Founded in 2015, Anodyne believes you deserve shoes that meet both your style and comfort needs. In a short space of time, Anodyne has left it’s mark on the footcare industry for designing premium, diabetic shoes.



  1. No. 11 Sport Trainer
    No. 11 Sport Trainer
    As low as $259.95
  2. No. 64 Casual Comfort
    No. 64 Casual Comfort
    As low as $259.95
  3. No. 56 Trail Boot
    No. 56 Trail Boot
    As low as $289.95
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