The special aerosol technology and water based mousse means no grease/fatty base, typically used in other creams. The airy, light mousse doen not clog up the skin's pores so important skin function remains intact; skin is able to "breath". 

Callusan stands out because it is simple and easy to use. The non-greasy nature of Callusan means patients continue to ise the product well after they give up with other creams which make their feet feel greasy. Making the product easier to use means it gets used more often, and this leads to improvements in skin conditions.


The fine cream mousse is abosrbed by skin quickly, without leaving any residue. The irritating fatty film is a thing of the past. in addition to these benefits, Callusan is also very economical and excellent value because, due to the special dosage format, only a small amount is required for each application.

HYDRO (125ml) - protection and nourishment for dry and cracked skin.

The urea 5% traps moisture, delivering it deep into the skin, with the stearic acid protecting the skin from environmental exposure and ensuring balanced rehydration. Fragrance free.

EXTRA (125ml) - Special formulation for any extremely dry skin.

A combination of active ingredients with increased urea content (10%) and stearic acid. While particularly beneficial for rough, cracked and anhydrotic skin, it is also recommended for diabetic footcare.

FORTE (125ml) - For the intensive care (15% urea) of very hard and dry skin.

Callusan Forte is specially recommended for excessive build up of dry skin, chapped heels, cracks and indentations, corns etc. With high dosage urea, even stubborn hard skin can be visibly softened. Callusan Forte with avocado oil and shea butter, thoroughly moisturises and gives the skin back its elasticity and suppleness. 

FRESH (125ml) - Protects skin sensitive to fungus. 4 way action.

VINUM (125ml)
- Tired and heavy feet and legs