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Footwear with a difference – our range of shoes for men can take you from busy days at the office, to carefree weekends at the beach. Support your stride with our range of orthotic friendly shoes and footcare accessories. Shop our leading brands with innovative footcare technology!

  1. Connor Slide SandalConnor Slide Sandal
    Connor Slide Sandal
    RRP : $119.95
  2. Rome Solid Toe Post SandalRome Solid Toe Post Sandal
    Rome Solid Toe Post Sandal
    RRP : $34.95
  3. Rome Print Toe Post SandalRome Print Toe Post Sandal
    Rome Print Toe Post Sandal
    RRP : $39.95
  4. Cable Slide SandalCable Slide Sandal
    Cable Slide Sandal
    RRP : $79.95
  5. Ryder v2 Toe Post SandalRyder v2 Toe Post Sandal
    Ryder v2 Toe Post Sandal
    RRP : $89.95
  1. Earnest SneakerEarnest Sneaker
    Earnest Sneaker
    RRP : $129.95
  2. Sprinter Sneaker Men'sSprinter Sneaker Men's
    Sprinter Sneaker Men's
    RRP : $129.95
  3. Gavin Mule SlipperGavin Mule Slipper
    Gavin Mule Slipper
    RRP : $59.95
  4. Gary SlipperGary Slipper
    Gary Slipper
    RRP : $69.95
  5. Joseph Lace-UpJoseph Lace-Up
    Joseph Lace-Up
    RRP : $169.95
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