Armstrong Sensitive Feet

How can an orthotic reduce plantar ulcers?


The New Vasyli – Armstrong II shear reducing orthotic features the same patented Glidesoft technology developed in the USA. However, it now has a wider fore foot profile making it suitable for XW footwear. In addition the EVA foot bed has been reduced by 50% distal to the metatarsals reducing the fore foot thickness. The fore foot width is also trimmable making it even more flexible when fitting standard, wide or X wide footwear.

The Vasyli – Armstrong II is now the "Sensitive feet" orthotic as it is suitable for those patients that suffer from plantar sensitivity - loss of plantar fat pad, arthritis, blistering as well as peripheral neuropathy. Clinically and scientifically validated to reduce shear forces and the incidence of plantar ulcerations compared to standard Diabetic insoles.



Unique Material Combination


  1. Antimicrobial top cover
  2. Plastazote layer 
    (heat moldable and 100% plantar surface contact)
  3. Shock absorbing layer
  4. Teflon® layer
  5. EVA base layer (heat moldable)
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL

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