Hoke Supination Control

The Vasyli – Hoke device is unique in it’s design for the control of the Pes Cavus foot type.

When our foot hits the ground, the subtalar joint pronates to create a flexible and shock absorbing foot as we accept the weight of our body. As we move forward over our foot, the subtalar joint reverses direction - supinates - to create a more stable foot to allow smooth transfer of the load to the other foot.

It is common for many people to move too far into subtalar pronation or remian in a pronated position too long. A wide variety of Vasyli devices have been designed to match the contours of the foot and keep the pronation in an acceptable range.

There are also individuals who compensate with too much supination as they walk. The foot that is excessively supinated transmits shock to ankle, knee and hip. It also lacks the mobility to adapt to uneven surfaces. Brian Hoke and Phillip Vasyli recognize the need for a clinician friendly and cost effective orthotic device.

The Vasyli + Hoke Supination Control orthotic is the result of a collaboration between Phillip Vasyli and Brian Hoke. it has been specifically designed to address the more complex and biomechanically challenging Pes Cavus foot types.

Unlike an over pronator, a supinator will invariably have a more complex foot type, often; with a combination of Triplanar alignment issues such as:

  • Plantarflexed 1st ray and / or Fore foot Valgus
  • Fore foot Equinus
  • Fore foot Adductus

The Vasyli – Hoke Supination Control foot orthotic has intrinsic design features to specifically address the common alignment issues associated with a supinated foot type.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL


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