McConnell Slimfit Device

The Vasyli - McConnell slimfit orthotic has just made fitting orthotics into women’s high heels and sandals much easier. With a new slimmer profile and enhanced metatarsal support, the new Vasyli – McConnell slimfit device “disappears “ under the foot making it the perfect solution for hard to fit footwear.


  • Enhanced metatarsal control
  • Slim design fits most heeled shoes & sandals
  • Dual-density compound
  • Supports & realigns the foot

The biomechanical result of raising the heel:

  • The foot supinates due to the axis of the tibial - talar joint
  • Muscular contraction
  • External tibial rotation
  • Instigation of the Windlass as tension is increased on the plantar fascia with hallux extension

The McConnel Slimfit orthotic is designed specifically to address the issues.

By reducing rearfoot postion the orthotic controls over compensation. With the off-loading of the rear foot, comes the payback - Increased forefoot loading.

Sizes: XS, S, M and L


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